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Why settle for an espresso shot when you can have the whole dang pot?

For the first time ever, you can get every single copywriting template, tool, and training in The Copy Template Shop* at a deliciously discounted price.

$762 value

✔ The Low-Ticket Offer Sales Page Template ($127)

✔ The Membership Sales Page Template ($127)

✔ The Done-for-You Service Sales Page Template ($127)

✔ The VIP Day Sales Page Template ($127)

✔ The Coaching / Mentorship Sales Page Template ($127)

✔ The Consultation Call Sales Page Template ($127)

$121 value

✔ The Messaging Clarity Journal ($47)

✔ Instagram Caption Prompts ($47)

✔  The Headline Generator Tool ($27)

$94 value

✔ The About Page Template ($67)

✔ The Opt-In Landing Page Template ($27)

$134 value

✔ The Welcome Sequence Template ($67)

✔ The Webinar Copy Template Bundle ($67)

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✔ Clients from SEO ($67)

✔ Buzzworthy Case Studies ($9)

*Does not include Strongly Brewed Websites, as this is a course.

Did someone order whipped cream on top?

You’ll ALSO get 40% off everything we create under $500 in 2024!

While we can’t fully guarantee when (or if) they’ll be created, resources we’re currently brewing include…

The Launch Email Template Library

Course Sales Page Copy Template

FAQs That Roast Objections Training

Whatever else our highly caffeinated brains whip up next!

We did the math (so you don't have to)

Fill your copy cup with $1,187+ worth of copy resources for just $595

That’s… *double checks our math* 50% off all of our copywriting templates, trainings and tools! 

Not to mention an automatic 40% discount on anything we create under $500 next year.

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Get a Cupful of Copy for $595 or 6 easy monthly payments of $109.

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Fancy a Cupful of Copy?

Get a Cupful of Copy for $595 or 6 easy monthly payments of $109.


You've got questions? We have answers!

You betcha. Pop us an email at [email protected] with your details and we’ll get you set up with a personalized discount.

These resources were specifically designed for online entrepreneurs; online service providers (including coaches and consultants), course creators, and digital product sellers. That said, they  can also be used for in-person service providers who promote their services online, such as photographers, wedding professionals, accountants, and more.  

They may not be as useful for physical product sellers and more traditional brick-and-mortar shops.

Immediately after buying (give or take 15 minutes while our robots catch up), you’ll be sent an email with login access to our learning portal where you’ll find links to all of the copywriting templates and tools, plus any video lessons or walkthroughs. 

Don’t want to clog up your Google Drive storage with copies of the templates? No problem — as long as we’re in business, you’ve got access to the portal!

Of course! If you have an idea for a template or training, we want to hear it. As a shop buyer, you can make suggestions inside of our private Facebook community, Conversion Café, or send them to us directly at [email protected].  

While we can’t guarantee they’ll be implemented, we’ll do our best to take them into account as we plan out our new products.

No. The 40% discount can only be applied to full-price resources. You won’t be able to combine it with, say, a shop-wide sale or another discount code.

Buying a Cupful of Copy gets you access to our private, buyers-only Facebook community, Conversion Café. It’s a great place for asking questions, and we even do the occasional free copy review! 

The best way to get feedback on your copy, though, is to book a Copy SOS with Megan directly at

No. Because you get immediate, non-revocable access to our templates and other resources, we do not issue refunds. You can read our full purchase terms here.

We’ve got you covered. First, double check if it’s answered on our general FAQ page. If not, you can use the chat feature in the bottom right-hand corner to get in touch, or email us directly at [email protected].