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Instagram Caption Prompts

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Brew up months of engaging Instagram content in just hours with these 60 caption prompts designed specifically for online entrepreneurs.


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About this template

Writing Instagram captions adds a whole new meaning to “writer’s block”, am I right? Well, consider these prompts your secret weapon for writing captions that connect, engage, and spark action, so your feed instantly becomes a rich source of inspiration, education, and “I’ve-gotta-have-that” desire for your followers.

If you’re craving a way to take caption writing from an uphill grind to a totally satisfying experience, this template is about to be your new BFF. With 15 prompts for each type of caption — storytelling, relationship-building, educating, and selling — you’ll never feel stuck for caption inspiration again.

What's Included


60 Instagram Caption Prompts

A comprehensive blend of detailed prompts, each hand-picked to spark inspiration, save you time, and lead to audience-resonating content.


Sample Captions

Beneath each prompt, you’re given a sample caption, giving you a taste of how a seasoned copywriter might use them in a client’s business.


Short Video Walkthrough

A concise, to-the-point video (your time is valuable, after all), showing you exactly how to use your new template.


Messaging Manager

A tool to help you reconnect with who your Instagram audience actually is, so you can write captions that deeply resonate.


Conversion Café

As a shop buyer, you're invited to our private Facebook group where you can ask questions, get messaging + market research feedback, and just pour out your random business-related musings.

The Reviews

(3 customer reviews)
These IG captions are a MUST have. I used to stare at a blank screen wondering what the heck I was going to post on the gram. These captions not only helped me through the writers block but also helped me be more proactive and I easily create 3+ MONTHS worth of post captions in a few hours time.
— Krista
The Instagram caption prompts are AMAZING! As soon as I opened them up, I instantly gave a sigh of relief--I have massive resistance to creating content and posting online--it totally drains me. These captions & workbook are an absolute life saver and I will be referring back to these weekly!
— Hanan
This pack is amazing. I often struggle to know what to post to social media despite having loads of contents in my industry. These prompt help me to have engaging contents PLUS the 40 examples in each category (not just prompts) but actual SAMPLES of real posts is SO helpful. Many packs like this give the prompt only..and not a great deal of examples so thanks Megan for your hard work with this pack. No doubt it will benefit many business owners. Highly recommend. Megan is wonderful to work with as well...she's so efficient and generous with her time and work.
— Ileana nguyen

Why you need it

The right caption can be a real pick-me-up for your Instagram strategy, turning passive scrollers into active followers, engaged community members, and ultimately loyal customers. But, coming up with content ideas is easier said than done, let alone the captions to go with those ideas.

Our Instagram Caption Prompts are your secret recipe to consistently serving high-quality content that positions you as a go-to source in your niche, boosts authentic engagement, and gets your offers in front of more potential buyers.

Rapid Brew

Don’t waste time scrolling aimlessly for inspiration. Past users have created 3+ months of content in about an hour.

Boost Engagement

Designed to entice interaction, these prompts will help you create a cozy yet lively online space where followers actually want to hang out.

Show Your Expertise

Consistently serving up high-value content has never been easier, so you can say goodbye to blending in with the crowd.

Sell Authentically

With 15 prompts specifically curated to help you showcase your offers, you can sell in a way that’s compelling and true to your brand.

What Makes Our Templates Different

Options on Options

We love cookies, not cookie-cutter solutions. Our templates give you plenty of options for each headline, CTA, and everything in-between, so no two pages ever sound the same.

More than just prompts

Prompts like “talk about pain point here” aren’t exactly helpful. Our Mad-Libs style templates leave you with full sentences, not another writer's-block-induced headache.

Strategy-led, always

Our situation-specific templates strategically support your reader’s decision-making process, so they feel informed (and excited to type in their credit card details).


Resources created by a copywriter actively in the digital trenches, who stays on top of industry trends and today’s conversion strategies (not what worked years ago).

Ready to stir up your Instagram game?

Lean into the power of storytelling, relationship-building, educating and selling on Instagram with these plug-and-play caption prompts.


instagram caption prompts shown on a tablet

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