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Wondering whether our copy templates are just going to make you sound like everyone else? Curious to know who actually created these resources? 

We may not be mind readers, but let’s see if we’ve guessed what you want to know…

About Our Templates

No way! Our the templates provide tons of options for each headline, section, and more, allowing you to pick and choose which prompt helps you push through that writer’s block. So, even two people from the exact same industry with a similar writing style would end up with different copy. 

Of course, there’s also the fact that you have your own brand voice and writing style. You can manipulate the prompts as much as you’d like to make sure the copy sounds like you, while still prioritizing strategy and conversions.

You bet. While the templates give you tons of guidance on how to write and structure your copy so it’s optimized for connection and conversions, everything is optional and fully customizable. 

You can think of these templates as guidelines, not guardrails. Feel free to get creative, change a word (or ten), and infuse the copy with your humor, references, and “isms”. In fact, using a template helps you get the strategy and flow down quickly, so you can go back and sprinkle in tons of personality after the fact.

AI writing tools are great and can really help when you’re feeling stuck, but they don’t know a whole lot about sales psychology or (more importantly) your brand and your audience. Even when trained to write in your voice, the robot typically spits out something that’s quite generic and you end up having to make a lot of tweaks on your own. 

Our products help you skip all of that unnecessary work. They were created by a professional, experienced copywriter who knows about the nuances of sales and online business, so you can feel a lot more confident that your copy will actually connect with your audience and convince the right people to buy. 

To be really cheeky about it, here’s how ChatGPT summarized the difference: “AI-based tools can be valuable for generating ideas, providing inspiration, or assisting in certain aspects of the copywriting process. However, leveraging professionally created copy templates can offer a higher level of quality, customization, and effectiveness when it comes to crafting persuasive sales copy for your online business.”

Our templates were created with conversion strategy best-practices in mind. That’s a fancy way of saying that each outline document and plug-and-play document were developed to support the customer journey, giving your reader all of the information that they need to make an informed buying decision. They consider everything from social proof (including what types of social proof to put where) to how to write a bio that establishes credibility to how to overcome objections. 

Long story short, we’ve give you everything a professional copywriter would consider when writing that specific type of copy.

Absolutely. While some of the terms we use in the templates might be a little bit new to you, we provide plenty of instructions and guidance to help — and we’re only ever an email away if you feel stuck! 

Our mission at The Copy Template Shop is to make effective copy accessible to everyone, even if you’re brand new to business and/or writing.

Our templates were created by Megan Taylor, who has been a professional copywriter in the online business world since 2016. She has helped dozens of entrepreneurs write high-converting copy that sells out their offers and helps them build deeper relationships with their clients. She’s also actively supporting one-on-one with online service providers and digital product creators, allowing her to stay on top of what’s working (and what’s not) in the world of copy. You can find out more about Megan on her website.

Did you ever do Mad Libs when you were a kid? Well, our templates work a little bit like that.

For each headline or section of copy you’re writing, we’ll give you several prompts to choose from. Those prompts will have blanks that you can fill in with your unique messaging elements. For example, a section of your sales page might have the prompt: “What if [outcome] was easy?”. You simply have to replace “[outcome]” with the actual outcome that your offer delivers.

You betcha. We’ve seen our fair share of surface-level fill-in-the-blanks templates to know that a prompt sometimes isn’t enough to get those creative juices flowing. That’s why each template comes with a Messaging Manager to help you dig deep into these aspects of your offer before you write. We’ll tell you how each section of your Manager corresponds with the blanks in your template, making it easier than ever to fill them in.

These templates were specifically designed for online entrepreneurs; online service providers (including coaches and consultants), course creators, and digital product sellers. That said, our templates can also be used for in-person service providers who promote their services online, such as photographers, wedding professionals, accountants, and more. 


They may not be as useful for physical product sellers and more traditional brick-and-mortar shops.

At the moment, all copy templates and resources in The Copy Template Shop are provided only in English. That said, you are more than welcome to purchase them to help guide your strategy, and use a translation service (AI-based or human) to make them work in your language.

Support Questions

Once your purchase goes through, you’ll be sent a PDF with next steps, including your login information for our learning hub. Once you log in to the learning hub, you’ll be able to access everything that is included in your product and watch any relevant walkthrough videos.

You’ll need a Google Account to access the copywriting templates and workbooks, as they are shared via Google Docs. You’ll also be given access to our learning hub, which is hosted by Membervault (free for you to use).

You do not need to use a specific website builder to implement our website copy templates or sales page templates, nor a specific email provider to implement our email templates.

Purchasing a copy template does not include any copywriting support from Megan Taylor (unless otherwise noted). If you have technical questions about how to access or use your template, you can reach out to [email protected]. Otherwise, if you’d like to get personalized feedback on what you’ve written, you can book a copy review.

You can use the template to produce work for your clients, but you may not share the template itself with your clients. If your client needs a copy template or one of the other resources in our shop, we recommend becoming an affiliate and sharing your referral link with them.

If you’re unsure about whether or not you can use the template or resource in a certain situation, please reach out to us at [email protected]

Because you get full, immediate access to our digital products that is difficult (if not impossible) to revoke, we do not issue refunds. If you have questions about a product before buying, please reach out to us at [email protected] so we can answer them for you. 

No worries, we’ve got you covered. Pop us an email at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you asap.