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The Welcome Sequence Email Template

(8 customer reviews)

Turn lukewarm leads into piping-hot fans with a 6-email welcome sequence that nurtures, engages, and sells (in a low-pressure way).


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About this template

Is “write nurture sequence” still lingering on your to-do list? We’ve got you covered. These welcome sequence email templates will help you whip up a balanced yet powerful set of emails in less than half the time you’d spend writing from scratch.

Specifically created for online entrepreneurs, this template takes all the guesswork out of writing an engaging welcome sequence. In a single writing session, you’ll pour out a series of emails that build trust, establish connection, and lead to effortless sales.

What's Included


6 Must-Have Emails

From freebie delivery to closing the sale, this sequence takes your reader through every crucial step when it comes to nurturing and converting a new subscriber.


Fill-In-The-Blanks Template

A jolt of inspiration delivered in an editable Google doc, with strategic prompts and guidance for overcoming writer’s block..


Short Video Walkthrough

A concise, to-the-point video (your time is valuable, after all), showing you exactly how to use your new template.


Messaging Manager

A tool to help you sieve through the essential messaging for your content, ensuring your welcome sequence emails are potent, focused, and full of flavor.


Conversion Café

As a shop buyer, you're invited to our private Facebook group where you can ask questions, get messaging + market research feedback, and just pour out your random business-related musings.

The Reviews

(8 customer reviews)
These are so helpful and got me making my sequence after MONTHS of procrastination. I really appreciate this template format, and I've used Copy Template Shop templates for a lot of my brand relaunch this summer!
— Micaela
Very helpful for teaching myself how to create and write copy! The fill-in the blanks are truly helpful for taking the guessing and writers block away!
— Emily P.
These templates really take the guesswork out of developing a welcome sequence. They’re unlike any other templates I’ve come across. If you’re looking to create a welcome sequence for your business quickly, I highly recommend!
— Alaya
The welcome sequence has been so helpful! I’ve already used it for two different opt ins and it’s really helped me step up my funnel game.
— Katie T.
Seriously so grateful for these. Even the reminder in The Teacher email to repurpose content, I was like PHEWF I don't have to create something brand new just for this. Such a relief and time saver!
— Sara Kelly
Megan is absolutely brilliant and this email sequence is spot on. It’s so easy to implement and was exactly what I was looking for. This isn’t the first and won’t be the last product I purchase from Megan! Thank you!
— Brittany Brands
LOVE this product! These templates were so helpful for me. Overall, the video, PDF, and templates were very well done. It gave me the structure I was looking for and the confidence to know what I should specifically say in each email. If you know you want to do a better job of nurturing people when they get on your list, I highly recommend purchasing this!
— Stephanie
A DREAM COME TRUE!! I finally know what to write to new subscribers and these templates taught me how to transition into a sale effortlessly. 10/10 recommend.
— Krista Howard

Why you need it

With an average ROI of 122% (4x higher than social media), email marketing is one of the most effective sales strategies you can use as an online business owner; and fresh email subscribers are some of the warmest leads you have in your business.

With these welcome sequence email templates, you’ll write a series of emails that serves up the perfect first impression, welcoming your new subscribers in a comforting way, making them cozy enough to want to stick around, and even effortlessly leading them to a sale.

Done-for-You Strategy

Stop second guessing which emails actually belong in your sequence. We’ve done the thinking for you, so you can sit back, sip, and sell.

Build Relationships

Send emails that feel like a cozy coffee chat and build a sense of trust with your new subscribers.

Provide Value

Establish yourself as an expert in your field with emails that allow you to showcase your genius and share more value.

Automate Sales

Enjoy the sweetness of making fresh sales on autopilot, in a low-pressure way that feels good to both you and your subscribers.

Have rinse-and-repeat copy

Use it on social media or other marketing platforms to share your story, provide value, build trust, and sell your offers.

What Makes Our Templates Different

Options on Options

We love cookies, not cookie-cutter solutions. Our templates give you plenty of options for each headline, CTA, and everything in-between, so no two pages ever sound the same.

More than just prompts

Prompts like “talk about pain point here” aren’t exactly helpful. Our Mad-Libs style templates leave you with full sentences, not another writer's-block-induced headache.

Strategy-led, always

Our situation-specific templates strategically support your reader’s decision-making process, so they feel informed (and excited to type in their credit card details).


Resources created by a copywriter actively in the digital trenches, who stays on top of industry trends and today’s conversion strategies (not what worked years ago).

Ready to enjoy the perks of automated email marketing?

Brew up the perfect welcome sequence and start turning new subscribers into loyal fans, one nurturing email at a time.


Welcome sequence email templates shown on a tablet

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