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The Headline Generator Tool

(7 customer reviews)

Effortlessly brew 40 catchy, compelling, and conversion-focused headlines for your sales page or website with our Headline Generator Tool.


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About this template

Brewing the perfect headline for your sales page feels an awful lot like trying latte art for the first time — tricky, messy, and best left to the pros. That’s where our Headline Generator Tool comes in. 

Crafted with the expertise of a professional copywriter, this tool is your secret ingredient to creating headlines that grab attention, stir interest, and convert more visitors into buyers.

Simply plug in a few key details about your offer and watch as it generates 40 unique headline options, each one designed to let readers know they’re in the right place and start generating buzz for your offer from that very first sentence.

What's Included


Headline Generator Tool

Just input a few details about your offer and this tool will become your copy barista, churning out 40 catchy headline options.


Walkthrough Video

A short but punchy step-by-step guide, showing you exactly how to use your headline generator. You’ll be brewing up catchy headlines faster than you can say “caramel macchiato”.


Conversion Café

As a shop buyer, you're invited to our private Facebook group where you can ask questions, get messaging + market research feedback, and just pour out your random business-related musings.

The Reviews

(7 customer reviews)
— lisa
This tool is fantastic! It turns out a variety of great headlines for product pages or email subjects. I have enjoyed using it so much!
— Carolyn G.
This product is amazing to have, I love it so much .
— Chelsea C.
I loved that this headline generator felt a bit like AI, but with a real copywriter's intelligence, instead of artificial intelligence!
— Camille B.
Very helpful in giving me inspiration for my headline
— Jane
Another fantastically strategic yet easy to use resource from the brilliant mind of Megan!
— Michelle
Super helpful tool! I highly recommend giving this a try.
— Johnna Kirk

Why you need it

If you’ve ever sat down to write a sales page before, you’ll already know that coming up with a compelling headline is often the hardest part (best saved for last, in our opinion). The pressure is on to write something that not only grabs attention, but also sparks enough intrigue about your offer that the viewer wants to keep reading.

This Headline Generator Tool takes that pressure off your shoulders, taking the task of writing a catchy headline off your to-do list so you can sit back, sip, and watch those sales trickle in.

Banish Writer’s Block

Wave goodbye to staring at a blank screen, and start churning out compelling headlines within seconds (literally).


With this tool, you're not just using AI-generated suggestions – you're using headlines created by a professional copywriter.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Just like your favorite coffee tumbler, you can reuse this tool time and time again, whenever you need a headline for a new sales page or website page.

Fast and Efficient

You'll have a selection of headlines ready faster than your coffee machine can brew your morning cup.

What Makes Our Templates Different

Options on Options

We love cookies, not cookie-cutter solutions. Our templates give you plenty of options for each headline, CTA, and everything in-between, so no two pages ever sound the same.

More than just prompts

Prompts like “talk about pain point here” aren’t exactly helpful. Our Mad-Libs style templates leave you with full sentences, not another writer's-block-induced headache.

Strategy-led, always

Our situation-specific templates strategically support your reader’s decision-making process, so they feel informed (and excited to type in their credit card details).


Resources created by a copywriter actively in the digital trenches, who stays on top of industry trends and today’s conversion strategies (not what worked years ago).

Pour more creativity & ease into your headline writing

Grab The Headline Generator Tool now and let it do the heavy lifting in hooking your sales page readers from that first sentence.


headline generator tool shown on a laptop with download document shown on tablet

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