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"I am thrilled with your templates"

I was an English professor for 32 years and I’m sure you know how regulated that sort of writing is. Even though I knew that “audience is everything,” I just couldn’t make the shift from my old style of communicating to the new, very connection-oriented approach that you take. I am thrilled with your templates, they’ve helped me so much.


"I now have an About Page I'm really proud of"

I’ve spent countless hours googling “how to do an about page” and all that led to was me feeling overwhelmed and disheartened, because their advice just didn’t seem suitable for what I do… Megan’s About Page template is brilliant – I was able to complete it within an hour and now I have an about page which is simple/straightforward and I’m really proud of. I only wish I could have come across it sooner, as it would’ve saved me a lot of agony!

– Simon

"I now feel so secure in my messaging"

The Messaging Clarity Journal is a game changer! As my business rapidly grows, I knew I needed to get clear on my messaging. For both myself and my clients. This in-depth workbook was just what I needed. It provided me with such great prompts and exercises to work through my messaging. I know feel so secure in my messaging and can’t wait to incorporate it into all my future offerings and marketing!


"Converting copy was a minefield"

Megan brought tears to my eyes when I saw her template. As a storyteller I was overwhelmed because I wanted to add everything and anything. But as much as storytelling and copywriting go hand in hand, converting copy is currently a minefield for me. I’m so thankful that Megan gently guides me through!

– Evangelina

hi! I’m megan.

Copywriter. Bookworm. Coffee obsessed. Founder of The Copy Template Shop.

I help female online business owners stop marketing aimlessly and start building real relationships with the people they feel driven to serve.

Since 2016, I’ve helped dozens of online entrepreneurs around the world discover their brand story and use it to grow fulfilling, profitable businesses. 

I created The Copy Template Shop because I know not everyone has the time, resources, or desire to work with a copywriter 1:1 … but you still deserve the right words + crystal clear messaging to stand out, serve, and sell – and love doing it.


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A copywriting podcast for online entrepreneurs.

You have a story worth telling, a message worth sharing, and incredibly impactful offers… and developing your copywriting skills is one of the best ways to bring all that magic to the world.

With The Copy Dates Podcast, I want to show online entrepreneurs like you how you can achieve your goals while writing copy that feels like a true extension of you and creates a deep connection between you brand and your buyers.

So grab a hot drink and get ready to cozy up with your weekly dose of magnetic messaging and captivating copy.

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The Copy Template Shop was established in 2019 by Megan Taylor. Megan is a copywriter and messaging expert for online entrepreneurs. Meet Megan >

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