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Brew your own copy without sacrificing quality, strength or flavor

Templates and trainings for online entrepreneurs who want to take all the complexity, headache, and time suck out of DIYing their words.

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Overwhelmed trying to figure out what copy you need for your upcoming launch? Our free checklist helps you make sure all your bases are covered.

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Get clear on your next steps for writing a website that connects and converts, including our Signature ROAST Framework.


You could just ask a robot to write your copy for you

Kind of like making instant coffee, going the AI-route gets the job done, and fast. But it’s also obviously mass-produced, not to mention severely lacking in flavor and substance. 

The alternative? Write your copy with resources created by an actual human. 

Not just any human, but a human who has spent nearly a decade writing copy that sells for online businesses just like yours.

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Let’s step up your coffee copy game.

DIYing with us is like trading your instant coffee for artisanally-roasted, ethically-sourced beans that you grind and brew at home.
It’s kinder to your wallet than that daily $7 latte from your local coffee shop (which, like outsourcing your copy, is a one-in-a-while indulgence).

Yet with pro-quality ingredients and expert guidance on how to brew the perfect message every single time, you can sip happy knowing what you’re pouring up has depth, a unique flavor profile, and hits the spot for your reader.


What are we pouring up today?

Whether you’re ready to serve your next big offer, it’s time to perk up your online presence, or you want to warm up your audience — we’ve got a template for that.

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Grow your business with the perfect blend of connection & conversions

Want to write copy that’s all flavor and no fluff? We’ve got you covered! Our templates & copywriting resources have strong notes of strategy, intention, and clarity – so you can DIY with intention.


The Messaging Clarity Journal


Your copy is only as good as the ingredients you use to brew it: and that comes down to your messaging. 

Our best-selling product, The Messaging Clarity Journal, helps you dive deep into your unique positioning, so you can infuse your brand with messaging that makes your ideal clients want to cozy up and stay awhile.


About megan taylor

Human-Made Copywriting Templates (It's me, I'm the human)

Hey! I’m Megan, and I’m lowkey obsessed with making strategy-driven copy accessible for all online entrepreneurs.

Since 2016, my copy has helped business owners generate more impact & income. But finding the right words to fuel your next big idea shouldn’t mean choosing between a $$$$ investment and the grind of writing from scratch. 

Enter: The Copy Template Shop. Each resource on our digital shelves has been carefully crafted to reflect all of the strategy that I use with my 1:1 clients. So if you’re ready to give your copy a little caffeine boost, you’re in the right place, friend.

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The Only Website Copy Resource You’ll Ever Need


A go-at-your-own-pace program, Strongly Brewed Websites gives you all of the templates, trainings, and support you need to write a website that positions you as a go-to service provider and books more of those clients you love to work with.

(Includes our About Page Copy Template, Done-for-You Services Page Template, and more!)

Freshly Brewed Blog Posts

These key pages will help you effectively communicate your offers and establish credibility with potential clients. 

Are you making avoidable website mistakes that hurt your ability to connect with and convert dream clients? 

While there’s always a time and a place to outsource your copy, there’s no shame in doing it yourself.

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