The Messaging Clarity Journal


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About the Journal

The Messaging Clarity Journal is like self-care for your business, helping you reconnect with your vision, your audience, and your unique positioning so you can confidently share your offers and magic with the world.

Who it's for

The Messaging Clarity Journal is perfect for

  • Service-based entrepreneurs...
  • Digital product sellers...
  • Course creators...
  • Coaches...

Who are ready to do any of the following:

  • Launch a new product or service
  • Niche down
  • Update their website copy
  • Get more visible online
  • Reconnect with their audience
  • Stand out from their competitors
  • Uplevel their copywriting + content writing skills
  • Pivot their business (their target audience, their product suite, their expertise, etc.)
  • Hire a VA or copywriter and give them better direction to help them succeed

What's included

A fillable and printable journal with 30+ pages of prompts to help you get crystal clear on the most important aspects of your brand's messaging:

  • Starting Point: Get clear on what's not currently vibing with your messaging, and step into this exercise with intention and purpose...
  • Your Vision: The impact and legacy you want your brand to have, and how your day-to-day work supports that vision...
  • Inspiration: How to inject that "wow-factor" from brands you love into your own messaging, and how to differentiate your brand from your competitors...
  • Brand Voice: How to inject more personality + authenticity in your content and copy so it speaks to you and your audience...
  • Dream Clients: Throw all of your unrealistic, non-inclusive 'ICA's out the window and get to the root of what really matters...
  • Brand Storytelling: How to harness the power of stories to create more connection, trust and memorability in your content and copy...

After using the Messaging Clarity Journal, you'll be able to:

  • Confidently and easily state what you do, who you serve, and why you do it
  • Know exactly how and where to update your website copy so it's more compelling and more likely to convert
  • Craft an irresistible, crystal clear social media bio
  • Never, ever freeze on a sales call again when someone asks how you're different from your competitors
  • Know exactly how to pitch yourself to your dream podcast, summit, or JV partnership
  • Easily hop on Instagram stories and provide value, because you know exactly what to share (and how it supports your goals)
  • Use copy templates with more ease and confidence, knowing you'll never sound like a cookie-cutter version of someone else

Why you need it

Brand messaging isn't a 'one and done' kind of thing. It's not enough to craft an I help statement, pick out a handful of brand values, and then never look back.

As you grow your business, launch new offers, scale your products or services, and pivot your way through the motions... your brand messaging needs to change in order to keep up. 

To create and grow a business that continues to make an impact (and dollah dollah bills), you need to know exactly how to talk about your offers, who you're talking to, and how to grab (and keep) their attention.

With this journal, you'll do a deep dive into what makes your brand original, impactful, and magnetic -- all so you can attract new business opportunities, dreamier clients, deeper relationships, more confidence, and more joy in your business (yep, even when selling).

The Messaging Clarity Journal gives you the exact questions and messaging framework I use with my private, 1-on-1 clients when we're getting ready to update their website copy, launch a new signature offer, niche down, or pivot in their business. You can use (and re-use!) it every time you feel ready to make a big change in your business or crave more clarity in your direction and message.

1 review for The Messaging Clarity Journal

  1. Kat (verified owner)

    The journal is a game changer! As my business rapidly grows, I knew I needed to get clear on my messaging. For both myself and my clients. This in-depth workbook was just what I needed. It provided me with such great prompts and exercises to work through my messaging. I know feel so secure in my messaging and can’t wait to incorporate it into all my future offerings and marketing!

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