Instagram Caption Prompts for Online Entrepreneurs


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About the Template

Showing up consistently and with confidence on Instagram doesn’t have to feel like such a struggle. 

These Instagram Caption Prompts will help you make sure there’s a strategy to your feed, so you can build authority in your niche, create genuine relationships with your followers, and sell on the ‘gram without ever feeling sleazy.

With 60 reusable templates to choose from, you could easily plan out two months worth of content in just 2-3 hours. Then, rinse and repeat next month!

Who it’s for

These Instagram Caption Prompts are for online entrepreneurs (service providers, coaches, and digital product sellers) who:

  • Are tired of feeling stuck and uninspired when writing Instagram captions
  • Have had enough of generic prompts like “share your work space” or “International Taco Day”
  • Want to write Instagram captions that tell a story and hooks the reader
  • Want to sell their offers on Instagram in an authentic, personable, and value-led way
  • Want to provide genuine value for their followers and become a go-to expert in their niche
  • Are ready to step up their Instagram game today

What’s included

60 clear and actionable Instagram Caption Prompts, delivered immediately so you can start creating content right away.

  • 60 caption prompts delivered in an editable Google doc, so you can sit down and focus on writing content without any distractions, then easily plug your captions into your content planning / scheduling tool of choice
  • A selection of sample captions, showing you exactly how I would use these prompts in action if writing for a client (or my own business)
  • BONUS Video Training, teaching you about the four key types of Instagram captions that build connection, authority and trust, and turn followers into raving fans
  • BONUS Workbook, to help you get clear on your messaging, brand story, and social media strategy, so you can easily make these templates work for your unique business
  • BONUS Instagram Caption Checklist, to help you write captions that grab attention + entice action, each and every time

After using the Instagram Caption Prompts, you'll be able to:

  • Stop wasting hours scrolling through Instagram or Pinterest looking for inspiration, because you already know what to post (and the strategy behind it)
  • Confidently write strategic and engaging Instagram captions that serve your audience and your business goals
  • Show up more consistently on Instagram, because you already have a bank of captions ready to go when you need them
  • Stand out in your followers’ feeds with captions that hook their interest, make them feel seen and heard, and leave them wanting more
  • Drive more sales from Instagram, so you stop feeling like you’re wasting your time with your content creation and start seeing an actual return on your investment

Why you need it

These aren't your generic Instagram Caption Prompts. This product isn't a list of random holidays, and I'm not going to ask you to “share something fun you did last weekend”! 

Each of these caption prompts were specifically chosen to help you strategically build more connection with your followers and get them to take action.

They were created specifically for online entrepreneurs, based on my years of writing hundreds of captions every month for my clients and my own business. They’re detailed enough to spark serious inspo and make writing crazy easy, yet with enough variety that you can use them over and over again - week after week, month after month!

3 reviews for Instagram Caption Prompts for Online Entrepreneurs

  1. Ileana nguyen (verified owner)

    This pack is amazing. I often struggle to know what to post to social media despite having loads of contents in my industry. These prompt help me to have engaging contents PLUS the 40 examples in each category (not just prompts) but actual SAMPLES of real posts is SO helpful. Many packs like this give the prompt only..and not a great deal of examples so thanks Megan for your hard work with this pack. No doubt it will benefit many business owners. Highly recommend. Megan is wonderful to work with as well…she’s so efficient and generous with her time and work.

  2. Hanan

    The Instagram caption prompts are AMAZING! As soon as I opened them up, I instantly gave a sigh of relief–I have massive resistance to creating content and posting online–it totally drains me. These captions & workbook are an absolute life saver and I will be referring back to these weekly!

  3. Krista (verified owner)

    These IG captions are a MUST have. I used to stare at a blank screen wondering what the heck I was going to post on the gram. These captions not only helped me through the writers block but also helped me be more proactive and I easily create 3+ MONTHS worth of post captions in a few hours time.

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