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About the Template

Opt-in. Lead magnet. Freebie. It doesn’t matter what you call it — what matters is whether people are willing to trade their email addresses for it. 

With this fill-in-the-blanks Copy Template, you can write fresh copy for your freebie’s landing page in as little as an hour, and start seeing a bump in your conversion rates as soon as tomorrow. 

Who it’s for

Online entrepreneurs (service providers, coaches, and digital product sellers) who are ready to:

  • Establish or grow their email list
  • Launch their first lead magnet, or get more downloads on an existing lead magnet
  • Optimize their freebie landing page ahead of a big pre-launch strategy or Facebook ad campaign
  • Start taking action today

This template is suitable for digital download freebies (workbooks, checklists, eBooks, templates, presets) and webinars or masterclasses.

What’s included

A Mad-Libs-style, zero-fluff Opt-In Landing Page Copy Template, delivered immediately so you can start optimizing right away.

  • Your Opt-In Page Copy Template delivered in an editable Google doc, so you can sit down and focus on writing content without any distractions
  • 3 example landing pages from completely different industries, to guide you if you’re feeling stuck
  • BONUS Video Training, breaking down each section of the template and showing you how to fill in the blanks with connection-driven, high-converting copy related to your specific freebie and niche (Watch time: 20 minutes)
  • BONUS Workbook, prompting you to think about why your freebie is worth downloading and making the writing process 10x faster and easier

*Each template in The Copy Template Shop is designed so that you can simply dive in and get straight to work! But, if you’re new to copywriting or need a little extra guidance, you’ll also get a BONUS video training and workbook to guide you through the writing process.

After using the Opt-In Landing Page Copy Template, you'll be able to:

  • Boost your conversion rate on your landing page, so more page visitors end up becoming email subscribers
  • Have more clarity on the value your freebie provides, so you know exactly how to talk about it on your opt-in page and across your marketing channels 
  • Grow your email list on autopilot, because your opt-in landing page’s copy is doing all the heavy lifting for you
  • Get your new freebie up and running FAST, so you can get back to the rest of your pre-launch planning or serving your clients

Why you need it

Maybe you've already popped your opt-in on a landing page and shared it on all your social channels, expecting your inbox to be flooded with opt-in notifications... but all you hear is crickets.

It doesn't matter how life-changing your opt-in is, or how pretty of a design you've used on your landing-page. If your copy isn't compelling, nobody is going to hit that Download button

And if nobody's downloading, you're missing out on an audience of warmed-up leads who could be yelling "Shut up and take my money!!!!" the next time you launch a new service, digital product, or course.

My Opt-In Landing Page Copy Template will take you from staring at your email list, wondering why it's growing slower than your Nespresso machine brewing that first cup of morning coffee, to getting your value-packed freebie into the inboxes of dozens of potential dream clients (in as little as an hour.)

PS: Really want to step up your email game? This template is perfectly paired with our Welcome Sequence Copy Template.

3 reviews for The Opt-In Landing Page Copy Template

  1. helenmariakeenan (verified owner)

    Megan’s Opt-In Landing Page Template and workbook took me from being completely frozen and afraid of even attempting to create my landing page, to havinng a clear and concise body of text ready and waiting to plug into my landing page! The included video tutorial is the perfect comfort and guide to have when completing the workbook if you don’t feel super confident just yet with nailing what you should be writing. Together with the video tutorial, accompanying workbook and opt-in landing page template, this offer was 100% worth it. Not only did it help me create my first ever opt-in landing page, but now I have a go-to structure I can follow EVERY.TIME. Thank you Megan!

    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  2. Ileana nguyen (verified owner)

    I got these recently from Megan and I was so impressed with the amount of content and tuition there was in this pack ! Having a strong OPTIN landing page is crucial to gain subscribers. I’m excited to be using Megan’s templates to build many future optin landing pages. She gives a lot of prompts for customization as well. Now we just need templates for all the other pages.

  3. Evangelina (verified owner)

    Megan brought tears to my eyes when I saw her landing page template. As a storyteller I was overwhelmed because I wanted to add everything and anything. But as much as storytelling and copywriting go hand in hand, converting copy is currently a minefield for me. I’m so thankful that Megan gently guides me through!

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