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About the Template

Selling a low-ticket offer is a great way to attract + convert first-time buyers and actually get paid to grow your email list. But to sell that low-ticket offer, you’re going to need specific sales messaging — especially if you’re selling to a colder audience.

With this fill-in-the-blanks Copy Template, you’ll write a Sales Page for your low-ticket offer that clearly communicates its value and positions it as a no-brainer investment, no matter how familiar a buyer may already be with your brand. AND you can do it all in just a few hours.

Who it’s for

Online entrepreneurs who want to:

  • Add a low-ticket offer / mini offer to their product suite 
  • Build out a high-converting SLO (self liquidating offer) funnel
  • Optimize their existing mini offer sales page for more easy-yes conversions
  • Start running Facebook ad / paid traffic to their mini offer for more consistent sales

What’s included

A Mad-Libs-style, zero-fluff Mini Offer Sales Page Copy Template, delivered immediately so you can start writing or optimizing your sales page right away.

  • Your Mini Offer Sales Page Copy Template delivered in an editable Google doc, so you can sit down and focus on writing your sales page without any distractions
  • A swipe file of examples, so you can see the mini offer sales strategies in practice
  • BONUS Video Training, breaking down each section of the template and teaching you how to optimize your sales page for (a) the low-ticket price point of your offer and (b) a cold audience / first-time buyers
  • BONUS Workbook, helping you get clear on your key sales messaging elements before sitting down to write, so the copywriting process feels easier and faster

*Each template in The Copy Template Shop is designed so that you can simply dive in and get straight to work! But, if you’re new to copywriting or need a little extra guidance, you’ll also get a BONUS video training and workbook to guide you through the writing process.

After using the Mini Offer Sales Page Copy Template, you'll be able to:

  • Convert more cold traffic and first time buyers, because you’ve established authority, properly positioned your mini offer, and used the right type of social proof
  • Position your mini offer as a no-brainer investment, without buyers assuming there must be some sort of catch
  • Speak to the intended user in their language while acknowledging exactly where they are in their buyer journey
  • Know exactly what it takes to build a high-converting sales page for your low-ticket offer, with the perfect balance of storytelling and selling that speaks to your dream buyers

Why you need it

Not all sales page templates are created equal. That’s because what type of offer you’re selling has a big impact on which sections belong on your sales page.

The copy and messaging you need to sell a low-ticket offer is different from what you need to sell a course, membership, or mastermind. 

Why? Because the audience, transformation, questions, and objections are different — and that needs to be reflected in your messaging, the way you position your offer, and the amount (and type) of social proof you use.

That’s why, unlike generic sales page templates, this template is created specifically for low-ticket offers / mini offers, i.e. a product priced at $99 or less. It is optimized to convert first-time buyers and/or a cold audience and to position your low-ticket offer as a no-brainer investment.

Please note that this template does not include copy for your order bump or upsell offer.

1 review for The Mini Offer Sales Page Copy Template

  1. Kelly (verified owner)

    WOW! I am so impressed with this purchase. It’s everything I’ve been needing. I’ve been eyeing it ever since it was on presale but never bit the bullet until yesterday. Now I wish I had purchased this sooner. I bought this template and wrote a BOMB sales page within just an hour. I feel much more confident in my copy and know I will use this for all my products because there are so many different options for wording every headline or description. YAYYYYY! Thank you so much! It’s well worth the cost!

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