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About the Template

Wondering how to write a sales page that converts readers into members? You’re in exactly the right place, because this sales page template was specifically designed to sell membership programs — whether that’s a group coaching program, a membership with a self-study course component, or even a mastermind!

With this fill-in-the-blanks Copy Template, you’ll write a Sales Page for your membership program that clearly positions your membership against alternative offers, establishes a trustworthy relationship with your readers, and clearly communicates why someone should join. AND you can do it all in just a few hours.

Who it’s for

Online entrepreneurs who want to:

  • Add a membership program to their product suite
  • Optimize their existing membership sales page to convert more members
  • Start running Facebook ad / paid traffic to their membership offer for more consistent sales

What’s included

A Mad-Libs-style, zero-fluff Membership Sales Page Copy Template, delivered immediately so you can start writing or optimizing your sales page right away.

  • Your Membership Sales Page Copy Template delivered in an editable Google doc, so you can sit down and focus on writing your sales page without any distractions
  • A swipe file of examples, so you can see the membership-specific sales strategies in practice
  • BONUS Video Training, breaking down each section of the template and teaching you how to optimize your sales page for your membership’s unique transformation and intended audience
  • BONUS Workbook, helping you get clear on your key sales messaging elements before sitting down to write, so the copywriting process feels easier and faster

*Each template in The Copy Template Shop is designed so that you can simply dive in and get straight to work! But, if you’re new to copywriting or need a little extra guidance, you’ll also get a BONUS video training and workbook to guide you through the writing process.

After using the Membership Sales Page Copy Template, you'll be able to:

  • Write a sales page that feels like a true invitation to your membership program, and less like a sales push
  • Clearly communicate the outcome(s) your membership delivers and the tangible results associated with that outcome
  • Learn exactly which common objections come up when selling membership offers, and have ready-to-go copy that counters them (without sounding pushy)
  • Identify the different types of social proof available to you, and how to strategically place it on your sales page to boost conversions
  • Speak to the intended user in their language while acknowledging exactly where they are in their buyer journey
  • Know exactly what it takes to build a high-converting sales page for your membership program, with copy that builds trust and sets the tone of the relationship from day one

Why you need it

Not all sales page templates are created equal. That’s because what type of offer you’re selling has a big impact on which sections belong on your sales page.

The copy and messaging you need to sell a membership program are different from what you need to sell a course, 1:1 service, or digital product. 

Why? Because the audience, transformation, questions, and objections are different — and that needs to be reflected in your messaging, the way you position your offer, and even the amount (and type) of social proof you use.

That’s why, unlike generic sales page templates, this template is created specifically for membership programs. It is optimized to provide all the need-to-know info, overcome common objections associated with membership offers, and build the know-like-trust factor that’s needed to convert new members.


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