Mastering the Evergreen Funnel With Roberta West

You’ve heard of the magical evergreen funnel and all of the ways that it can generate consistent passive income for your online business… but what the heck is it? How is it different from live launching? And, most importantly, is it the right strategy for your offer?

If these questions have been swirling around in your head, boy do I have a treat for you! In a recent episode of The Copy Dates Podcast, I sat down with evergreen funnel expert Roberta West to talk all things evergreen. 

Together, we delved deep into the intricacies of an evergreen funnel strategy, shedding light on its benefits, potential pitfalls, and the role strategic sales copy plays in a funnel’s success.

Some of the things we covered include:

  • What is an evergreen funnel, and how is different from live launching?
  • Is a funnel right for you, your business, and your offer?
  • Why you should consider going straight to evergreen
  • How to optimize your offer for an evergreen funnel
  • Where funnels tend to go wrong
  • How copywriting and messaging are essential to evergreen funnel success

Ready to tune in?

Evergreen Funnels vs Live Launching

A live launch is defined as a sales event where you open and close your cart for a specific period of time. That means that your marketing strategy should be focused on drumming up interest for that period of time your offer is on sale. 

An evergreen funnel strategy, on the other hand, keeps your offer open 24/7 for purchase- it’s always for sale!

If you’re a coach or involved in an industry where people aren’t necessarily seeking a more instant solution, live launching might be the better strategy for you. It allows people to join your cohort and form a community in which to learn and grow as you help them with your product over time.

But, if your audience is seeking a more instant solution or tools they can implement quickly, an evergreen funnel is probably the way to go. This way the tools are always available for people to purchase and implement whenever your buyers need them.

In other words, choosing whether to go with a live launch or an evergreen funnel can be as easy as knowing your audience and what they need from you. 

How to optimize your evergreen funnel

Many people get excited after a successful live launch, thinking they just have to take their launch emails and slap a funnel onto it to have an evergreen strategy. But, as Roberta explains, this usually isn’t the case.

The messaging around a live launch offer versus an evergreen funnel offer is enormously different, as are the audiences you’re speaking to. Live launch customers are usually already warmed up to you and what you’re offering, whereas evergreen clients could be coming in from the metaphorical marketing cold. 

Copy and messaging that match your strategy is key. 

The ability to properly map out the customer journey for your offer and what your audience at every stage of your funnel is crucial.

Long story short? Using live launches as well as evergreen funnels is a surefire way to help your business grow in a sustainable and well-rounded way; just make sure to tailor your offer and your copy accordingly. For more information on how to make it happen, tune into the podcast episode above. You can also learn more about Roberta and her programs at Or follow her on Instagram!

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