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Enrollment for Website in a Week closes Sunday, December 4th.

By joining before the doors close, you can save more than $200 AND get exclusive access to the ‘2.0’ version before anyone else. Watch the video below for full details.

here’s the deal…

You know that to be taken seriously as an online service provider, you need a good, well-written website.

And you’re this close to making it happen, finally upleveling from ‘side hustle hobby’ to ‘badass business owner’. The only thing that’s holding you back?

Your copy is weaker than watered-down, drive-through coffee.

I mean, you know exactly what you want

You want your readers to feel understood. To feel connected to you. To feel like their journey into the depths of the internet is over, and that they’ve finally found someone that’s going to help them get the results they’re looking for.

But when you try to put all that down into words, you have no idea what you’re doing.

I get it! Writing (especially about yourself) is hard AF.

You want a website that makes you sound professional, capable, and totally hireable, but you have a really hard time putting your awesome into words

You know there’s an art + science to writing strong website copy, but you have no idea where to start, and you don’t have time to fall down the Google rabbit hole searching for answers

You know you have 15 seconds to make a good first impression before losing leads into the internet abyss, but writing a strong headline feels like rocket science

You know you need to sell your services, but you don’t want to oversell yourself… and you’re not sure how to sell without sounding pushy or sleazy

You have no idea what your website visitors actually want to know, so you close that Google doc and start scrolling through Insta instead, another scheduled ‘copywriting day’ down the drain

You know it’s gotta be done, but you’re also your own worst critic, and you never feel like what you’ve written is good enough

What if you could kick that “I don’t know what the heck I’m doing” feeling to the curb and…

✔ Finally write website copy that sounds like you? (The totally-professional, put-together, capable-CEO version of you?)

✔ Hit publish on a website that you’re confident will resonate with dream clients?

✔ Actually enjoy sales calls that feel more like a conversation than an awkward pitch, because your website has already done most of selling for you?

✔ Uplevel your entire messaging strategy, because you have magnetic messaging and a clear brand story that makes you stand out from the crowd?

Feel confident enough to raise your rates, work only with the dreamiest of dream clients, and make a name for yourself in your niche?

Get ready to happy dance, friend.

Because I’ve got just the thing you need to kick writer’s block to the curb, for good.


website in a week with megan taylor copywriting course
website copywriting course

All the trainings, templates, and tools you could possibly need to write website copy that connects with + converts dream clients, in as little as 7 days.

in this signature program…

I’m sharing the exact step-by-step process I’ve used to write website copy for dozens of online service providers

Just because outsourcing your website to a professional copywriter isn’t in the budget right now doesn’t mean you should have to wing it on your own. 

You deserve strong copy (I’m talking authentic Italian espresso strong)without sacrificing months of your time to the writing process. 

That’s why I’m cutting through all the fluff and getting right to the heart of what it takes to write connection-driven, conversion-optimized website copy.

“A great investment for my business”

I did exactly what it says on the tin: I got my website copy up to scratch within a week! But it was helpful beyond just writing. Working through all of the worksheets really helped me dive deep into what my niche was, and really get a handle on my messaging.

The way Megan teaches is really easy to understand and really approachable. I definitely enjoyed the process, and I’ve had a ton of compliments on my copy since then, so it’s obviously paid off, too. 

— Michelle Pontvert, Brand & Web Designer

Here’s what makes Website in a Week different

It's not just about website copy

Yes, I’ve given you everything you need to write your website content (finally!)But I’ve also designed Website in a Week to give you greater confidence in your copywriting skills and overall brand messaging, which will serve you across the entire lifetime of your business.

(Or businesses, you multi-passionate you!)

It’s specifically for web-based service providers

Because let’s face it… we’re kinda in our exclusive little club up in here. 

I know the online biz industry like I know the “strong” button on my Keurig (which is to say, really, really well), and I’ll teach you what it takes to make your message resonate through our Insta-story-crowded world and straight into the hearts of your dream clients.

It gets you up & running fast.

Do you have to complete the program in one week? Heck no! Can you? You bet! Your business is growing way too fast and your dreams are way too big to go through an overwhelming 90-day website copywriting program. From mindset to templates, I’m giving you everything you need to get your website up and running on your schedule, not somebody else’s.

With this program, you’ll learn how to:

Overcome any feelings of dread or self-doubt you have about copywriting, so you can confidently DIY your website copy and finally feel like the put-together, talented professional you already are

Get to know what your dream clients want to hear, so you can write copy that gives them that “OMG is she in my head?” feeling

Develop magnetic messaging for your business, so you can clearly explain the amazing value you provide for your clients — not just on your website, but across all your marketing (yep, including your sales calls)

Write website copy that does the selling for you (sleaze free); website copy that’s packed with storytelling and personality, authentically connects with the dreamiest of dream clients, and is optimized to convert casual browsers into red-hot action-takers

“I now have copy that sounds like my brand!”

 Website in a Week really unlocked what was inside my head, helped me organize those thoughts and then lay it out in a way that makes the viewer want to work with me.

After just three months with our new website copy, we doubled our revenue from the previous three months. So if that’s not proof enough that this really does work, I don’t know what is.

— Julie Connelly, The Sleepyhead Coach

By enrolling today, you get…

✔️ Immediate access to the existing Website in a Week program (a $4,000 value)

✔️ A $200 savings on the current price of Website in a Week (the cheapest it’ll ever be!)

✔️ First-look access to the NEW Strongly Brewed Websites program, including:

☕ Four distinct roadmaps, designed for your unique website copy journey

☕ NEW lessons on in-depth + ‘quick and dirty’ copywriting market research methods

☕ NEW trainings on how to fight writer’s block, add personality to your copy, overcome buyer objections, and more

☕ NEW templates for your homepage, contact page, and porfolio page

☕ NEW sales page templates for your specific offers, including VIP days and coaching packages

☕ BONUSES, including a free ticket to my upcoming SEO Basics Workshop

✔️ The opportunity to win prizes in exchange for your feedback on the new content

A look inside my best-selling program

While you wait for 2.0, get immediate access to Website in a Week 1.0

Module 1: The 'Write' Mindset

✔ Learn how to overcome any negative thoughts you have about writing your own copy

✔ Get more comfortable with taking messy, imperfection action so you can uplevel your business

✔ Create a writing ritual that makes you look forward to and enjoy the copywriting process

Module 2: Market Research

✔ Learn why market research is so vital to the copywriting process

✔ Discover where and how I do market research to get inside my readers’ heads (and it doesn’t involve long Zoom calls with strangers)

✔ Learn how to collect, organize, and actually use your market research in your writing process

Module 3: Messaging Strategy

✔ Give your website copy a goal, so you can give writer’s block the big middle finger (for good)

✔ Learn what it takes to write copy that makes your readers think you’re a total mind-reader

✔ Do some brand soul searching and discover what differentiates you from other similar service providers

Module 4: About Page Writing

✔ Learn what it takes to write an about page that establishes authority

✔ Tell your story in a clear + compelling way (without the icky feeling we allllll get when talking about ourselves)

✔ Get the answer to “who is the about page really about?” once and for all

Module 5: Services & Sales Page Writing

✔ Discover a proven copywriting framework that drives connection and conversions

✔ Learn to write copy that sells in an authentic, intentional way (with zero ick)

✔ Write a services page that makes it impossible for readers to walk (err, click) away

Module 6: Homepage Writing

✔ Learn what it takes to create a homepage that delivers a strong first impression

✔ Carefully structure your homepage according to your business goals + desired customer journey

✔ Dummy-proof your website so readers know within the first 15 seconds whether they’re in the right place

Module 7: Wrapping it up in a pretty little bow

✔ Learn how to make it incredibly easy for leads to reach out to you

✔ Learn which pages you need to make sure your butt is legally covered

✔ Discover common mistakes in DIY’d copy and how to avoid them on your own website


$400 value

The Website Copy Template Bundle 

Whoever said writing copy can’t be easy and fun has never seen these templates.

Snag my best-selling About Page Template and Work With Me Page Template from The Copy Template Shop, PLUS my exclusive Homepage Template (only available in the Website in a Week program).

These mad-libs style templates guide you whenever you’re not sure what to write, showing you exactly what copy to write and where to put it. 

$350 value

The Website Workbook Library

Not sure how to stand out from the crowd? Struggling to understand your unique positioning in the market? My Website Workbooks help you gain clarity on magnetic messaging for your brand, so your copy is as clear & compelling as possible.

Each module includes a workbook to guide you through the program’s contents, based on the exact questions I work through with my VIP Copy clients.

And I didn’t stop there!

How do these exclusive bonuses sound?

$197 value

The Head-Turning Headline Generator

Just plug in your key messaging elements and watch as it magically generates a handful of website page headlines to choose from.

$97 value

The Tech + Tools


Did you think I’d leave you hanging? Never! I’ll share all of my favorite tools for bringing your website to life — from stock photos to website hosting to design templates.

$97 value

The Ultimate Website Checklist

I’ll hold your hand (virtually, of course) as you check through your website copy to make sure we’ve crossed every T and dotted every I before you hit publish.

$297 value

The Design Masterclass Series

I’ve brought together some of my favorite website designers to deliver exclusive masterclasses on how to take your freshly brewed coffee copy and design it into a WOW-worthy website.

This series is always growing, with new designers being added regularly!

$497 value

Membership to the Website in a Week Community

Join us inside a special, students-only Facebook group where you’ll be able to network with other website DIY-ers, get collective feedback on your copy, and ask me questions along the way. I even pop in time and again with trainings, tutorials, and coffee chats you won’t get anywhere else!

When you add it all up, that’s a real-world value of nearly $4,000… 

But you can get instant access to Website in a Week today for a special investment of just $697 $497!

Payment Plan

USD$167/3 monthly payments
  • Website in a Week Course ($2,000 Value)
  • The Website Copy Template Bundle ($400 Value)
  • The Website Workbook Library ($350 Value)
  • BONUS: The Ultimate Website Checklist ($97 Value)
  • BONUS: The Head-Turning Headline Creator ($197 Value)
  • BONUS: The Tech + Tools Lineup ($97 Value)
  • BONUS: The Design Masterclass Series ($297 Value)
  • BONUS: Membership to the Website in a Week Community ($497 Value)

“I’ve learned & got so much out of this course!”

Before taking Website in a Week, I dreaded writing. I took a 3-month long copywriting course when I first launched my website, and I had a hard time wrapping my head around it. I wrote some not-so-great copy as a result of not understanding what I was supposed to do.

The way it’s set up makes it easy to understand and implement, and Megan explained it really well so I was able to wrap my head around it. The templates were the game changer, because it helped me organize everything. I actually like copywriting now and see the value in it after learning from Megan. She’s given me a great foundation to start from, and I want to learn more and get even better at it so I can help my clients as well.

— Danae Bloise, Website Designer


Hi! I’m Megan (she/her)

As a copywriter and messaging expert for web-based entrepreneurs, I spend my days helping talented women like you find the right words to connect with & sell to their dream clients online. 

And I freakin’ loooove what I do. 

It’s why I don’t do anything else in my business. Seriously. Copywriting is my jam. And websites? They’re my favorite thing to write.

If you ask me, having a well-written website is the quickest way to grow your business. When I stopped relying on freelancing platforms, social media, and referrals for clients and finally had a website to call my own, my business skyrocketed

All of a sudden, I wasn’t wasting hours drafting up emails from scratch explaining what I did. I no longer had to sell myself on sales calls, because my website did the upfront work for me. 

And when I saw others taking me more seriously, I started taking myself more seriously, too. I raised my rates. Started working exclusively with dream clients. And positioned myself as a clear expert and authority in the copywriting space. 

And I want that for you, too. Whatever your particular zone of genius may be.

That’s why I created Website in a Week. Because I believe with all my heart that every talented entrepreneur deserves a website they love, are proud to show off, and that gives them the confidence to step into the next level of their business. 

Ready to take that journey with me?


Is Website in a Week for you?

You’re a newer online service provider (less than a year) and you’re ready to take this from ‘hobby’ or ‘side hustle’ to ‘serious business’

You want to write copy that sounds like you, while still making sure it’s written to sell

You don’t want just more clients… you want more of the right clients, and you want website copy that helps you attract them

You’re tired of putting this whole website thing off, and you know that having strong website copy is going to be a total game-changer for your business

You’re ready to put in the work, and can’t wait to have a professional copywriter guide you through the process (while still going at your own pace)

When it comes to writing website copy, you’ve got 3 options…

Option 1: Spend weeks trying to DIY it from scratch

You fall down the Google rabbit hole looking for advice, swipe bits and pieces of copy from your biz idols + competitors, and hope the end result is good enough to connect with & convert the right buyers.

Option 2: Find the budget to outsource your copy

You spend four figures to hire a copywriter to write your website for you, and yeah, it’s pretty darn great. But you know you’ll have to outsource again down the road (even for small changes) because you’re still not sure how to write high-converting copy on your own.

Option 3: DIY the smart way, with the help of a pro

You can put an end to all the guesswork and tears of frustration, and get your hands on the exact tools + templates a professional copywriter uses to write strong website copy in a fraction of the time. All that & more is waiting for you inside Website in a Week.

“The difference in copy is crazy good!”

Before Website in a Week, I had a website that I’d put together super quickly just to get something out there. I was really overwhelmed, trying to figure out how I was going to write content for my entire website.

This program gave me such a clear structure to follow, which was awesome. I made huge progress in terms of telling a story and finding ways to connect and engage my target audience. The difference in copy is crazy good! 

— Kelly McGreevy, Styled Neatly

Don’t just take my word for it either…

Hit the play button to listen to what previous student have to say about their Website in a Week experience…

All the A’s to your FAQ’s

If I join now, when will I get access to the new program?

Website in a Week students will start getting access to the new program (Strongly Brewed Websites) on Monday, December 5th.

Modules will be dripped out on a weekly basis, and you can expect all of the core content (minus bonuses) to be available by Monday, December 26th.

In the meantime, you will continue to have access to the old version of the program – so don’t worry about any lost progress!
Can I really write my whole website in a week? How much time will that take?

You bet! Website in a Week is based on the exact process I use to write website copy for my clients in a single day. If you can set aside 2-4 hours a day to go through the lessons and do the implementation, I know you can get through this program in a week. 

Of course, there is ZERO pressure to get it all done in 7 days. If you’ve already got a bunch of clients or you’re still working a 9-5, it may take you a little longer — and that’s cool, too. You have lifetime access, and this isn’t a race. But you do have all the tools, templates, and trainings you need to get there when you’re ready.

I’m not a great writer. Will this really work for me?

First of all, I don’t think anyone is a bad writer. But even if you do dread writing copy, it always seems to take you 20x longer than you expect, or English is your second language – I’ve got you covered. 

Website in a Week will help you overcome those negative thoughts, fight through your perfectionism and imposter syndrome, and write copy that you feel 80% good about. (Because the truth is, 80% is good enough… and it’s usually way closer to 99% perfect than you think.)

I’m BRAND new to business. Will this program still work for me?

I recommend having a solid idea of what services you want to offer and who you want to serve before enrolling in Website in a Week. As long as you have that figured out, you’re golden, baby!

Your messaging will change as your business grows and evolves, and that’s okay. You have lifetime access to Website in a Week, so you can come back and tweak things whenever that happens. It’s an investment that pays for itself time and time again.

I offer [insert niche service here]. Will this program help me?

The short answer? YES! If you offer or sell services online, this program is perfect for you. 

I’ve written websites for everyone from bookkeepers to professional organizers, business coaches to doctors, interior designers to psychologists… and I’ve bundled all that knowledge up into Website in a Week. Previous students have included web and brand designers, interior designers, online boutique owners, sleep consultants, and more!

No matter how niche your services may be, this program has you covered.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! You can pay in full for $697 or take advantage of our extended payment plan of 3 monthly installments of $235. 

I sell physical products. Is Website in a Week right for me?

No. Website in a Week was primarily created for web-based service providers, and many of the templates and trainings inside this program would not apply to you.

I sell digital products (like templates or courses). Is Website in a Week right for me?

If your digital products are service-based (such as a coaching program or done-with-you memberships), absolutely! 

The biggest thing to note is that there is an entire module dedicated to building your Services page. So, if you don’t offer any services in your business, this module won’t be relevant for you. 

I invite you to carefully read through the module breakdown and decide if it would be suited to what you want from your website. If you have any specific questions or concerns, please reach out to us at support@copytemplateshop.com.

Can I hire you to write my website copy instead?

Full disclosure: if you’re brand new to business, I wouldn’t recommend hiring a copywriter right now.

“Hold up. What?! Isn’t that a weird thing for a copywriter to say?” Sure. But I know that copywriting is one of the most important skills you can learn to build as a business owner because it helps you in SO many areas of your business. 

Trust me — learning to DIY your copy the right way is one the best investments you can make right now. 

But if you’d really, really like to work with me, you can click here to find out more about my done-for-you and done-with-you copywriting services.

Ready to finally cross “write website” off that to do list, once and for all?

Payment Plan

USD$167/3 monthly payments
  • Website in a Week Course ($2,000 Value)
  • The Website Copy Template Bundle ($400 Value)
  • The Website Workbook Library ($350 Value)
  • BONUS: The Ultimate Website Checklist ($97 Value)
  • BONUS: The Head-Turning Headline Creator ($197 Value)
  • BONUS: The Tech + Tools Lineup ($97 Value)
  • BONUS: The Design Masterclass Series ($297 Value)
  • BONUS: Membership to the Website in a Week Community ($497 Value)