Hey service provider...

Want a website that builds trust, establishes authority, and converts perfect-fit clients?

Even when you’re busy meeting deadlines, powering through your to-do list, or just living life away from your screens?

Strongly Brewed Websites is a website copywriting course that helps you write content that positions you as a go-to service provider and helps you book more of those clients that you love to work with.


You already know you need a strong website

I don’t need to explain to you that having a well-written website makes you look more credible and professional. You’re reading this page because you already get it.

You know that a website could save you a heck of a lot of time; time you’re currently spending explaining your services over and over and over again on sales calls, Instagram DMs, and email threads. 

You also know that solid messaging can show potential clients exactly why they should work with you, and not someone else offering the same services as you. 

And you’ve heard a rumor or two that strong website copy can banish price shoppers, bad-fit clients and sales-call-time-wasters from your business for good.

You’re ready for a website that makes more of the right people excited to work with you, even before you chat one-on-one. You just aren’t sure how to make it happen.

The main issue?

You have no clue what your website visitors need to read to feel like they’ve found their perfect match.

You want your readers to feel understood. To feel connected to you. To feel like their journey into the depths of the internet is over, and that they’ve finally found someone who’s going to help them get the results they’re looking for.

You just don’t know how you’re supposed to put that all into words. Or even where those words should go.

You’re probably in one of these three situations

You’ve been running your business without a website so far…

It’s been working for you, but you’re tired of hustling for leads and repeating the same copy-and-paste explanations of your services whenever someone inquires. You know it’s time to give your messaging a permanent online home.

Your current website isn’t converting the way you want it to…

Either you’re not getting any inquiries from potential clients at all, or you often find yourself hopping on sales calls with people who just want to pick your brain, only to ghost after you spend 45 minutes explaining your services and prices.

You’re making a pivot in your business & your website is outdated…

Whether you’re increasing your prices, changing up the way you deliver your services, or going after a different target market, your website copy and overall brand messaging need to come along for the ride.

Either way...

You know it's time for a change.

But any copy you try to write comes out weaker than watered-down, drive-through coffee.

You wish that there was an easier and faster way to write website copy than your current reality (aka falling down the Google rabbit hole and piecing together everything you’ve learned from free copy trainings over the years.)

You would love to get your hands on something that takes all the guesswork out of writing your website. And quite frankly, you deserve it.

Every service provider could benefit from a well-written website that they’re confident in, that saves them time, and that brings more perfect-fit clients to their business on autopilot. 

And I’ve got just the thing to get you there.


logo for strongly brewed websites, a website copywriting course by megan taylor

A go-at-your-own-pace program that gives you everything you need to write website copy that speaks to & converts perfect-fit clients.

mockup showing the full contents of strongly brewed websites, a website copywriting course by megan taylor

You see, the thing is...

Website copy is so much more than just words

As captain of team Anti-Hustle, I’m a big fan of creating systems that allow you to bring more ease, flow, and simplicity to your business. And effective website copy is exactly that.

What would it do for your business (and life) to have website copy so strong that it does 90% of the heavy lifting for you when it comes to selling your services and booking clients?

Imagine having a website that:

It's so possible

I’ve got a simple, 5-step process to make it happen

Inside Strongly Brewed Websites, I’ll introduce you to my signature ROAST framework for writing website copy.

Ready Your Mindset

We’ll start by helping you establish a solid writing habit, get to the bottom of any writer’s block you may be feeling, and set a clear goal for your website copy.

Optimize Your Research

Market research doesn’t have to feel overwhelming. I’ll show you exactly what to pay attention to so you can write copy that makes leads feel like you’re a mind reader.

Articulate Messaging

Then I’ll show you what to do with all of that research, so you can come up with clear, repeatable messaging that helps you stand out from the crowd.

Structure Your Copy

Before we start to write, I’ll make sure you know exactly which pages belong on your website, what sections to include on those pages, and how to infuse them with your messaging.

Time to Write

Thanks to all that prep work — plus all of the fill-in-the-blanks copy templates you could possibly need — the writing process becomes 10x easier. You’ll get your website copy drafted in no time at all.

With Strongly Brewed Websites, you will…


"I now have copy that sounds like my brand!"

This program really unlocked what was inside my head, helped me organize those thoughts and then lay it out in a way that makes the viewer want to work with me.

After just three months with our new website copy, we doubled our revenue from the previous three months. So if that’s not proof enough that this really does work, I don’t know what is.

— Julie Connelly, thesleepyheadcoach.com

testimonial from previous iteration of this program

What you'll learn

The Program Curriculum

I’ve been writing high-converting websites for my clients for more than 6 years now. And I’ve taken all of that knowledge, filtered out the fluff, and developed a curriculum that gives you only what you need to know to do it yourself.

Module 1

The Write Mindset

We’re going to start the process by covering all of the things that get in peoples’ way when it comes to writing copy (yes, including for pro copywriters like me). We’ll address common struggles like writer’s block, perfectionism, and writing about yourself, with tips on how to overcome them.

Module 2

Give Your Website a Goal

Of course you want your website to convert more paying clients for your business. But what does that look like in terms of how you prefer to work and close sales? In this module, you’ll figure out how you want your website to work within your sales ecosystem so you can convert clients in a way that works for you.

Module 3

Market Research

In this module, I’ll start by explaining why market research is so important to copywriting and what to look for. Then, I’m sharing my favorite in-depth and ‘quick and dirty’ market research methods. We’ll also go over the essential copy swipe file — what it is, how to build it, and how to use it in your business.

Module 4

Messaging Strategy

In this module, we’re laying the groundwork for really effective copy; because you can only write strong copy once you understand who you’re talking to and what makes them tick. Think of this like developing brand guidelines, but for your words, not your visuals.

Module 5

Structure Your Copy

By the end of this module, you’re going to know the exact layout and flow of your website. We’ll focus on structuring your homepage, about page, and services page, including which sections belong on each page.

Module 6

Writing Your Copy

Then, it’s the moment you’ve been waiting for. At this point in the program, you’re as prepared as you’re ever going to be to write connection-driven, high-converting website copy. 

Most of this module is going to introduce you to your copy templates, with some additional teachings on things like:

By the end of this module, quite simply, your website copy will be ready to go!

Took the overwhelm out of writing website copy

"If you can't afford to hire a copywriter this course is the next best thing."

I’ve consumed a ton of copywriting resources over the years and Strongly Brewed Websites was the first one that resonated with me and felt actionable.
The course is thoughtfully organized and each lesson builds upon the next, and while there is strong structure within the modules and the templates, it still provides a lot of room for flexibility to make it work for you. The course just makes sense and I was able to get all my website copy written without feeling overwhelmed. I know I’ll go back to the templates again and again!

— Megan Desjarlais, FloatingLotusDesign.com

Your enrollment includes...

When I say I’m giving you everything you could possibly need to write high-converting website copy, I mean it. Your enrollment in Strongly Brewed Websites includes immediate access to:

mockup of learning content of website copywriting course shown on a laptop, tablet, and smartphone with headphones

learn your way

The core curriculum, various ways

Most of the program’s content is delivered in video form. But, if you have a different learning style or accessibility needs, you’ll also get access to a private podcast feed (for on-the-go learning), full video transcripts, written key takeaways, and downloadable slides.

website copywriting template shown on a tablet

Write faster than ever

A Library of Templates + Outlines

The website copy templates I give you work in tandem with your messaging strategy and outline documents, so you’re never left wondering how to structure your pages or how to answer a vague prompt like “Insert benefit here.”

✏️ Homepage
✏️ About Page for Solopreneurs
✏️ About Page for Agencies
✏️ Services Page : The “menu” method (i.e. all services listed on one page)
✏️ Services Page: The “elevator” method (i.e. each service has its own sales page)

✏️ Homepage Copy Template
✏️ About Page Copy Template for Solopreneurs
✏️ About Page Copy Template for Agencies
✏️ Services Page Copy Template: The “menu” method
✏️ Services Page Copy Template: The “elevator” method
✏️ Done-For-You Service Sales Page Copy Template
✏️ VIP Day Sales Page Copy Template
✏️ Coaching / Mentorship Sales Page Copy Template
✏️ Consultation Call Sales Page Copy Template
✏️ Contact Page Copy Template
✏️ Case Study Copy Template
✏️ FAQ Page / Section Copy Template
✏️ Elevator Pitch Copy Template

And more

Additional Learning Resources

Struggling to write a headline for your Services page? Not sure what questions to ask in your market research? Looking for some beautiful design templates to go with your new copy? You’ve guessed it – I’ve got something for that.

💰 A $200 savings on a personalized website audit as a thank you for providing your feedback on the program once you’ve completed it

📝 A program workbook in Notion, so you can take action and gain momentum as you go through the lessons

✏️ A copy swipe starter file to show you what you should be looking for in your research and how to organize all of your insights and ideas

🔎 Sample market research questions so you feel less stuck on what to actually ask to get the insights you need

🤖 The Headline Generator Tool: A student favorite, simply type your messaging elements into this tool and it will auto-magically generate different page headline options for you

💻 How & When to Update Your Website Copy: In this short and sweet guide, I point out the most obvious signs that it’s time to update your website copy. And, if you identify with any of the points on this list, I’ll explain the steps you can take to make those changes as efficiently as possible.

🖱️ The Tech + Tools Guide: Inside this guide, I’m dishing on all of my favorite website-related resources: from CRMs to Stock Photos and everything in-between!

PLUS access to our private Facebook Group

Your enrollment in Strongly Brewed Websites also grants you access to The Copy Template Shop’s private, students-only Facebook group: Conversion Café.

Inside the group, you can ask me questions, get collective feedback on your messaging, conduct market research, and network with other business owners.

I even schedule occasional “Copy Breaks” – a free opportunity to get your copy reviewed – along with trainings, tutorials, and insights you won’t get anywhere else!

Just for you...

Want a sneak peek inside?

screenshot of video showing the inside of a website copywriting course, on a computer screen

I’m giving you free, no-strings-attached access to the full introductory module of Strongly Brewed Websites, so you can get a sense of my learning style, explore the program’s suggested ‘routes’, and learn more about my ROAST framework.

Now helps her clients with copy

“I’ve learned & got so much out of this course!”

The way it’s set up makes it easy to understand and implement, and Megan explained it really well so I was able to wrap my head around it. The templates were the game changer, because it helped me organize everything. 

I actually like copywriting now and see the value in it after learning from Megan. She’s given me a great foundation to start from, and I want to learn more and get even better at it so I can help my clients as well.

— Danae Bloise, danaebloise.com

testimonial from previous iteration of this program

Your Investment

Ready to get your hands on the only website copy resource you’ll ever need?

The website copy templates in this program alone are valued at $1,500+ based on the current pricing inside The Copy Template Shop. But you can enroll in Strongly Brewed Websites for an investment of just $750!

One-time payment of


4 monthly payments of



Hey, I'm Megan

As a copywriter for online entrepreneurs since 2016, I spend my days helping talented business owners like you find the right words to connect with & sell to their dream clients online.

If you ask me, having a well-written website is the quickest way to grow your business. When I stopped relying on freelancing platforms and social media to get clients, my business skyrocketed. 

All of a sudden, I wasn’t wasting hours drafting up emails from scratch explaining what I did. I no longer had to sell myself on sales calls, because my website did the upfront work for me. 

And when I saw others taking me more seriously, I started taking myself more seriously, too. I raised my rates. Started working exclusively with dream clients. And positioned myself as a clear expert and authority in the copywriting space.

And I want that for you, too. Whatever your zone of genius may be.

That’s why I created this program: because I believe every talented entrepreneur deserves a website they love, are proud to show off, & that gives them confidence to step into their next level.

seen in & trusted by


Love from Strongly Brewed Websites students

Not your standard copy course

Created for online service providers, by an online service provider

Trust me, I get it. As service providers, we spend so much time working in our business that we don’t have a lot of time to work on our business. Which means the systems we build to attract and convert clients need to be strong. I’m talking  authentic-Italian-espresso-level strong. 

And your website is no exception.

That’s why this program was created with YOU in mind. I want to show you exactly how you can write a website that is specifically designed to sell services, help readers self-qualify for your offers, filter through leads to find the perfect-fit clients, and close them in a way that works for you.

Wondering who I consider an online service provider?

This program is for you if you sell any of the following online:

Wrote her website in a week

"A great investment for my business"

I got my website copy up to scratch within a week! But it was helpful beyond just writing. Working through all of the worksheets really helped me dive deep into what my niche was, and really get a handle on my messaging.

The way Megan teaches is really easy to understand and really approachable. I definitely enjoyed the process, and I’ve had a ton of compliments on my copy since then, so it’s obviously paid off, too.


testimonial from previous iteration of this program

You've got options

Your program, done your way

Need to get a website together as quickly as possible? Want to take your time as you fully overhaul your messaging and niche? Whatever your reason for wanting to write or update your website copy, there’s a path inside the program for you.

Before you start diving into the program’s contents, you’ll have the opportunity to choose between four suggested program “routes”:

My promise to you

This program will serve you for the lifetime of your business

I’m not going to promise you that Strongly Brewed Websites will help you write your forever website copy. Because there’s no such thing. As you raise your prices, change your offers, pivot in who you want to serve, your messaging and copy need to adapt. 

And I’ve made sure this program allows you to do that.

With short, to-the-point lessons, plenty of hands-on resources, and lifetime access, you can pop in and revisit the program’s content whenever, wherever. I’ll even give you guidance on when to revisit your website copy, and how to do it as efficiently as possible.

Strongly Brewed Websites is for you if…

You want a website that converts. You don’t just want an online presence. You want an online home that resonates with the right people, showcases your skills, and does a lot of that sales + marketing heavy lifting for you.

You still want your website to sound like you. Yes, you want to make sure that your website sells. But you also want to make sure that it resonates with everything that makes you, you. 

You care about the clients you work with. You don’t just want more clients, you want more of the right clients: clients that can afford your rates, appreciate your expertise, and are excited to work with you, specifically. 

You want want to be involved in the copy process. You either don’t have the budget or the desire to outsource your website copy, but you still want that professional guidance and support.

It's probably not the right fit for you if...

✘ You only offer digital products and/or courses in your online business
✘ You run a traditional brick-and-mortar business
✘ You don’t actively promote your business online
✘ You’re happy with the number of and the fit of clients you’re currently booking in your business

found her confidence

“The difference in copy is crazy good!”

Before this program, I had a website that I’d put together super quickly just to get something out there. I was really overwhelmed, trying to figure out how I was going to write content for my entire website.

This program gave me such a clear structure to follow, which was awesome. I made huge progress in terms of telling a story and finding ways to connect and engage my target audience. The difference in copy is crazy good!

— Kelly McGreevy, styledneatly.com

testimonial from previous iteration of this program

You're probably thinking it...

Could you do this all on your own? Absolutely.

I’m going to be real with you. YOU are the best person to write your website copy. And yes, I’m saying that as someone who charges $5,000+ to write my clients’ websites.

And yes, you could absolutely write your website without any trainings or templates to guide you. But… should you?

Yes, YOU are the best person to write your website copy. You know your business and your brand voice better than anyone.

But imagine how much better equipped you’ll be once you’ve got your hands on a pro copywriter’s systems and tools.

clarity and confidence

"This course is amazing, simple, practical and powerful."

Before taking this course I thought it would be impossible to have a website with copy that I would be proud of. In the past, I made many mistakes with my website. It was created without any strategy, which resulted in very few quality leads. 
Although Spanish is my native language, this course has helped me gain confidence in myself. It gave me a lot of clarity, and made me feel confident that I could have a website that I would be proud of. If you watch the course with patience, and do all the exercises, you will surely be able to create your website copy by yourself. 

— Marlin Duran, Delegate First


You've got questions? We have answers!

I recommend having a solid idea of what services you want to offer and who you want to serve before enrolling. Your messaging will change as your business evolves, and that’s okay. You have lifetime access to the program, so you can come back and tweak things whenever that happens. It’s an investment that pays for itself time and time again.

The short answer? YES! If you offer or sell services online, this program is perfect for you. Previous students have included web and brand designers, interior designers, online boutique owners, sleep consultants, and more! No matter how niche your services may be, this program has you covered.

The Strongly Brewed Websites curriculum, and its templates and other resources, were created with online service providers in mind. While other business owners can certainly benefit from its content, please keep in mind that not all of the lessons and/or resources will be applicable to you. If you want to chat more about your specific circumstance, send us an email at [email protected].

First of all, I don’t think anyone is a bad writer. Even if you struggle to write a social media caption, blog post or love poem, copywriting is a totally different skill. Strongly Brewed Websites will help you overcome any mindset blocks you have around copywriting, negative thoughts, fight through your perfectionism and imposter syndrome, and write copy that you feel 80% good about. (Because the truth is, 80% is good enough… and it’s usually way closer to 99% perfect than you think.)

Absolutely. This program has successfully been used by many ESL speakers in the past. You also have access to video transcripts, which you can plug into a translation service if needed.

Real talk? Just like you, I’ve seen a lot of the copy templates available on the market. And quite frankly, I’m as disappointed in and confused by them as you are. That’s why I’ve done things differently. My templates provide plenty of options, so no two pages ever end up sounding the same (even if they’re used for the same niche). They also work in tandem with the messaging strategy you’ll develop inside the program, so you’re never stuck wondering how to answer an unhelpful prompt like “Explain the benefit of your service here”.

Copywriters are very welcome inside of Strongly Brewed Websites, and many of our students have gone on to add website copy services to their own businesses! That said, please keep in mind before purchasing that this program was created for non-copywriters, which means several of the lessons inside will be a repetition of things you’re already familiar with. If you’re okay with this, and are mostly looking for a system to follow + some templates and additional resources to streamline your own copy projects, you are more than welcome to join!

How long is a piece of string? 😉 That entirely depends on you and how much time you have to commit to the program. Keep in mind that you’ll have to set aside 4-5 hours of learning time, with additional time to write your copy. Your writing time will depend on things like how many pages you decide to include and your experience with writing copy so far. Some students have successfully gone through the program in a week, while others prefer to take a month or two to gradually make changes. But no matter your desired speed or website goals, I’ll have a recommended course “route” for you inside the Introductory Module.

While the progam’s individual sales page templates are available for sale in The Copy Template Shop, I do not advise buying just the copy templates unless you already know (1) exactly how to conduct voice-of-customer research for a website copy project, (2) what your website’s intended goal is, and (3) exactly who you’re speaking to, including their pain points and desired transformation. For that reason, copy templates are only available to purchase on a case-by-case basis. You can reach out to as at [email protected] for more information.

Strongly Brewed Websites includes access to video content, full transcripts (only edited for clarity), key takeaway notes, a private podcast feed, and downloadable slides. If you have additional accessibility needs, we’d love to look into accommodating them for you. Please reach out to us at [email protected].

Due to the digital and downloadable nature of most of Strongly Brewed Website’s content, we do not offer refunds. We highly, highly recommend reading this sales page top to bottom and/or reaching out at [email protected] if you’re not sure whether or not your business is suited for this program.

The payment plan allows you to split your purchase into three equal monthly installments. Your first installment is due immediately upon enrolling, with the next payment due one month later, and the final payment due a month after that. Please note that payment plans are not trials, and you are responsible for making the full payment.

I’d be honored! You can find out more about my website copy packages here.

Aw, we love an OG fan! 😉 Strongly Brewed Websites is, essentially, Website in a Week 2.0. We’ve taken the original curriculum, improved it, and added additional lessons, templates, and resources based on student feedback over the last 2 years. (And if you’re wondering about the name change, I realized that encouraging people to write their website in a single week wasn’t in line with my anti-hustle business stance. Not everyone has the desire or capacity to write their website in a week, and that’s okay!)

The best thing you can do is drop us an email at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. You can also use the Chat feature on this page, but please be sure to include your email address when prompted as we may not be available to reply right away.

What's it going to be?

It’s time to set yourself up with the easier way to write website copy (that actively sells for you)

Trust me on this one: booking perfect-fit clients in your business becomes so much easier once you have a strongly written website that builds trust, authority, and connection. Ready to find out for yourself?

One-time payment of


4 monthly payments of