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This really unlocked what was inside my head, helped me organize those thoughts and then lay it out in a way that makes the viewer want to work with me.

After just three months with our new website copy, we doubled our revenue from the previous three months. So if that’s not proof enough that this really does work, I don’t know what is.


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Hey, I'm Megan

As a copywriter & founder of The Copy Template Shop, I help online entrepreneurs like you find the right words to connect with and sell to their dream clients with ease.

Your website is the first conversation between you & your next client, so it’s important to drive connection right away. And with the right mix of captivating copy and magnetic messaging, your website can become your best salesperson – working and selling for you on autopilot while you sleep, serve your clients, and just live life.

In my free roadmap, I’m sharing the exact steps I take when writing website copy for my clients, so you too can have a website that speaks to your perfect-fit clients & encourages them to take action.

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