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Steal a professional copywriter's go-to ChatGPT prompts for writing sales pages

Want AI to lend a helping hand in writing your sales page copy, but not sure how to ask? We’ve got the perfect icebreaker. In fact, we’ve got 23 of them!

In this free download, a seasoned copywriter shares the exact prompts she uses to outline, write, and refine sales pages with the help of ChatGPT. 

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The copywriter behind the PROMPTS

Hey, I'm Megan

As a copywriter & founder of The Copy Template Shop, I help online entrepreneurs like you find the right words to connect with and sell to their dream clients with ease.

I’m going to be real with you. When ChatGPT first popped on the scene, I was… weary. But I learned how to make friends with AI, selectively using it in my own copywriting process to speed up my writing time and help me better understand (and convert) my ideal reader.

If you’re ready to infuse a little bit of robot magic into your own writing process, these ChatGPT prompts for sales page copywriting will help. They’re the exact prompts I use on almost a daily basis – and I’ll even give you a little behind-the-scenes look at my process!

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